MiniGUI 文档

请问访问我们在 GitHub 上的 minigui-docs 仓库,其中包含有最新的 MiniGUI 及其组件的文档。

MiniGUI 4.0

Note that we will not maintain the white paper, data sheet, user manual, and programming guide documents since MiniGUI 4.0. Instead, we will give the developers the usage instructions about the new features and main changes since MiniGUI 3.2. These documents will maintained on GitHub, and we will list the links here.

  • Release Notes - Release notes of the official MiniGUI V4.0 releases.

If you are new for MiniGUI, the following documents can help you understand MiniGUI.

API References

MiniGUI 3.2

Note that we will not maintain the Chinese editions and PDF files of the documents since MiniGUI 3.2. Furthermore, when we refer to MiniGUI, it contains not only the MiniGUI Core but also the key components, such as mGUtils, mGPlus, mGEff, and mGNCS.

API References


下面的技术文章由 MiniGUI 开发者编写,这些文章主要阐述如何在实际项目中使用 MiniGUI。

Drawing Olympic Rings by Using GDI APIs

This article describes howto draw Olympic Rings by using MiniGUI's GDI APIs.

Howto Install MiniGUI 3.0 on Linux PC

A Brief Guide to Install MiniGUI V3.0.x on A Linux PC Box