MiniGUI is one of the world famous free software projects. MiniGUI aims to provide a lightweight graphics user interface (GUI) support system for real-time embedded systems. Since the first release under the GPL license at the beginning of 1999, MiniGUI has been widely used in handheld terminals (mobile phones), set top boxes, industry control systems, industry instruments, portable media players, and so on.

MiniGUI has become a cross-operating-system GUI system; it can run on Linux/uClinux, eCos, VxWorks, pSOS, ThreadX, Nucleus, and even uC/OS-II; The hardware platforms tested include Intel x86, ARM (ARM7/ARM9/StrongARM/xScale), PowerPC, MIPS, BlackFin, DragonBall, and ColdFire.

If you are interested in the commercial version of MiniGUI, please visit here for information about commercial license.

If you wonder that if you need the commercial license of MiniGUI, please refer to the licensing policy of MiniGUI.