miniStudio is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for MiniGUI. miniStudio provides a WYSIWYG UI designer for developers. It can generate and maintain MiniGUI apps easily. You can use miniStudio to edit code, compile, run, debug your MiniGUI apps.

miniStudio is a shareware, you can download, install, and use it for free.

Main Features of miniStudio

  • Based on Eclipse SDK 4.7.2, C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 9.3
  • Including UI Designer, GUI Builder, which is developed based on MiniGUI 3.0
  • Based on the window template design
  • Provide the New Control Set (mGNCS)
    To implement New Control Set by object-oriented concept and C language, event-processor model, it standardizes control’s API, refactor redraw mechism to solve the control flickering. Additionally, control extension mechism would be opened, so customer could design own control and import into miniStudio. miniStudio 1.0 provides more than 30 common controls. The controls for mobile, industrial meter are developing.


Figure 1: The new control set

  • We introduce the concept of renderer design in IDE for embedded GUI.
    By using renderer, the logic and draw of window are separated, the system renderer can be used for whole area or certain control. The renderer is implemented by a set of properties and APIs. And it is easy for the replacement of skin with renderer.
Figure 2: buttons with different style renderers
  • Unified resource management. 
    The application is composed of code and resource, miniStudio makes the resource managed by unified ID , including image, text, window, string, user-defined resource. It is convenient for the replacement of resource, resource access, resource deployment.
  • Provide event- listener, data source and data binding mechanism.
    With event-listener mechanism, one object could listen events of another object; the relation of properties between two objects could be created by data binding mechanism; the UI and content of data could be separated with data source mechanism. Currently, miniStudio support the following style data source: file like MiniGUI.cfg, array struct in code, line data like unix password.
Figure 3: Data Binding - Linkage between slider and number in edit control
Figure 4: Data Source - Changes will be automatically updated to UI after the contents of the array is increased or decreased.
  • Provide multi-language and online translation.
    As long as connect internet, you can achive the feature of UI automatical translation, get the UI in defferent languages.
Figure 5: miniStudio runtime screenshot - the GUI Designer of miniStudio

 Sample UIs Designed by Using miniStudio