Evolution of MiniGUI

Twety years have passed since MiniGUI was launched at the end of 1998. Originally, MiniGUI was designed to provide a simple human-machine interface for a control system, which was based on Linux; no one foresaw that MiniGUI would become a cross-OS embedded GUI system. Fortunately, MiniGUI has been widely used in various projects since launched, and the increasing requirements from practical projects make MiniGUI grow into a cross-OS embedded GUI middleware product gradually.

In December 1998, the initiator of FMSoft, Wei Yongming, began to develop MiniGUI, and applied it in a computerized numerical control (CNC) system. In March 2000, Lenovo adopted MiniGUI to develop the installer for HappyLinux V1.0 (a Linux distribution). At that time, MiniGUI had been a powerful embedded GUI support system for Linux. From April 2000 to September 2002, as one of the famous free software, MiniGUI was developed and released under the GPL license.

In September 2002, the core developers of MiniGUI founded Beijing FMSoft Technologies Co., Ltd., and started the commercial marketing with free software. MiniGUI V1.2.6 and MiniGUI V1.3.0 were released in May 2003 and September 2003 respectively.

In October 2003, MiniGUI was ported to the uClinux and eCos operating systems. Thus, MiniGUI had become a cross-OS embedded GUI system.

In August 2004, the most famous telecommunication equipment supplier in China used MiniGUI as the platform on STBs, hand-held devices, etc. In January 2005, the main TD-SCDMA standard maker chose MiniGUI as the MMI solution for its TD-SCDMA mobile phones.

At present, the latest release of MiniGUI is version 3.0.x, which supports Linux/uClinux, eCos, uC/OS-II, VxWorks, pSOS, ThreadX, Nucleus, and Win32 platform.

In Jan., 2012, FMSoft released MiniGUI V3.0.x for Linux under GPL license.

In Aug., 2017, FMSoft released mDolphin V3.0.x under Apache 2.0 license.

In Jan., 2018, FMSoft released miniStudio V1.2.x as a shareware.

In July, 2018, FMSoft released MiniGUI V3.2.0.

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