Multimedia Terminals


All technologies and products of FMSoft have been implemented at various types of multi-media terminals. Typical multi-media terminal products are as follow:

  • Entertainment multi-media terminal as MP5, PMP, and Digital Photo Frame: this type of multi-media terminals has experienced a development process from the early phase with single function and very simple interface to the lasted phase with multiple functions, excellent interface and interactive operation. For example: it has experienced from the early MP3 products to the advanced products like PMP (Portable Multi-media Player), digital photo frame, digital camera, and digital video.
  • KTV VOD (Video-on-demand) system: in the early phase, this type of devices adopts PC Windows/Linux solution,which costs a lot of money investment and is not easy-to-use. Nowadays, a lot of embedded system solutions are adopted in this type of devices which help to reduce both the software and hardware maintenance cost. Meanwhile, the embedded system solution is featured in powerful interaction capability, and is very easy-to-use.
  • E-book reader device and learning machine: e-book reader device is being improved towards more complicated functions as browser-integrating; and the learning machine is also experiencing a promotion process as developing the mobile phone from function-base mode to intelligent mode.

Typical Solution

By using FMSoft’s MiniGUI, the portable multi-media player products can easily be built on OS as uClinux, Linux, and eCos. The solution is as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 MiniGUI-based Portable Multi-Media Player

Solution Advantages

  • By using real-time OS as uClinux and eCos, it can efficiently reduce the volume of the system software, thus to help to reduce hardware cost.
  • MiniGUI provides the users with C language programming interface. The application developed based on MiniGUI occupies only a little resource and has a good running speed.
  • MiniGUI 3.0 and its components (mGEff, mGNCS, and mGNCS4Pad) can help to realize excellent UI effects almost as iPhone does. For interface special effects developed based on MiniGUI3.0, please click here to download Windows platform.
  • The visual IDE (integrated development environment), miniStudio, can help to improve the development efficiency of application software.

Hardware platform recommendation

  • Ingenic SoCs e.g.: JZ4740 and JZ4750
  • SAMSUNG e.g.: S3C6410

Typical Cases

Portable Multi-media Player (PMP)

Cooperated with UT Starcom, FMSoft develops PMP products based on TI DM320 chip. MiniGUI provides powerful GUI support for its PMP products. Meanwhile, FMSoft provides multiple types of application software as Address, Memo, Clock, Pics Browser, Games, Calculator, and System Setting; provides interface packaging for audio and video play, recording and filming. It is featured in beautiful interface and convenient operation. The facts prove that MiniGUI is a kind of software fits well the PMP product development.

Digital Frame

applies_multimedia_4.jpgCooperated with Actions Semiconductor (Zhuhai)., FMSoft developed a digital photo frame product based on SoC of Actions Semiconductor. It adopts FMSoft’s MiniGUI products, runs on Linux, integrates various types of application software as Memo, Clock, Pics Browser, Games, and Calculator, etc. Besides, by adopting MiniGUI 1.6/2.0/3.0, Huawei develops multiple types of digital photo frame products for overseas market.

KTV Video-on-demand system

A company adopts MiniGUI product and develop a wildly-used KTV VOD system base on embedded system. Compared with the traditional KTV VOD system based on Windows platform, this product is much cheaper and is easier be installed or maintained.